Aspen has an affinity for capturing the beginning of your newborn’s life in pictures. Each session preserves the tender, fleeting moments that touch your heart. Aspen offers unique photographs from the first precious weeks of life in “Fingers and Toes Portraits” through the first year of life in the “Baby Panel Portraits” that will last for years to come.

Baby Panels

During the first 12 months, Aspen captures the 4 magic milestones:

  • holding head up
  • sitting up alone
  • standing assisted
  • standing alone

The Club Membership fee of $60.00 includes( 4) private sessions of your baby and a customized collage of the year’s portraits.


Children grow up before your eyes. Don’t miss a single opportunity to keep these moments alive forever.

Aspen Studio offers a countless range of options for photographing your child including:

  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • Color and Black & White
  • Traditional to Avant-garde

Our Special Events calendar for child photography includes Live Bunnies, When I Grow Up, Barnyard Blues, Costume Contest,Christmas Event.