Prom Dress: $475.00

Prom Tux: $325.00

Prom Shoes: $170.00

Prom Bling(make-up,hair,nails,flowers,dinner,tickets):

Total $1,265.45

Prom Photos…by Aspen: Priceless!

What We Do

  • Design the sets for each school individually to meet your specific needs.
  • Coordinate with your color scheme and theme to meet your requirements
  • Aspen staff meets with Dance Committee Chair to insure a unique, one-of-a- kind, 3 dimensional set created in-house

What We Promise

Our digital custom work is reflective of our staff’s talent and expertise. Aspen provides you with quality photography designed to last 100 years. If you are looking for gorgeous, affordable photography for next prom or dance, Aspen is your first choice.